At approximately 10:00 am you will leave Jaisalmer by jeep. You will visit four monument on the way, 1. Barabag - A Royal Cemetery Ground and there are 100-150 cenotaphs to visit , 2. Ludharva - A big Jain Temple 3. Amarsagar - A 17th century Jain Temple a beautiful example of Jaisalmer architect 4. Kuldhara - An abandoned Village in the Thar Desert, there is one lake at lake side you will have your lunch after you rest there four some time - then travel to Khuri Sand Dunes Here you will take the camels and ride into the desert until sunset. After sunset, dinner will be prepared and you will relax on the dunes next to a camp fire (weather permitting). You will sleep overnight in the desert either outside on the dunes or in a safari tent. The next morning after breakfast you have the option of going on another camel ride. You will return by jeep to Jaisalmer around 10am.